IT’S WHAT WE ALL WANT! Whole body cryo can help people sleep better, stay well, be more energized and achieve a better sense of well-being.



Sleep is effected in a number of ways by cryotherapy. These include the release of feel-good endorphins and an increased production of norepinephrine. The endorphins, once in your bloodstream, will act as an analgesic, decreasing any sensations of pain, and simultaneously acting as a mild sedative. Norepinephrine helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle and has dramatic effects on energy, focus, mood, and sleep patterns. Also, it turns out that fluctuations in temperature are an important regulator of sleep cycles. One Dutch study found that by cooling core body temperatures, participants were able to significantly increase restorative, slow wave sleep.


HEALTHIER STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM – In that 3 minutes, up to 80% of your blood is redirected to your organs. While there your organs do what they naturally do, cleanse your body of toxins - fewer toxins equals a better immune system. One study in Europe found that people who had undergone just two weeks of a regimen which included exposure to cold, when given a bacterial injection, showed higher levels of epinephrine and anti-inflammatory molecules in their blood as well fewer flu-like systems than a corresponding control group not exposed to the cold.

HELPS REGULATE BLOOD SUGAR - cold exposure can enhance the body’s response to insulin, allowing glucose to be cleared from the blood quicker. A cold bath is one of the quickest found to lower blood glucose and increase insulin sensitivity.


2 to 3 FOLD INCREASE IN NOREPINEPHRINE – One of the single most important effects of cryo. Norepinephrine is released into both the bloodstream and the brain. In the bloodstream, it helps to decrease inflammation and decrease pain. In the brain, it acts as a neurotransmitter; high levels are associated with the ability to stay focused and to be alert, increased energy, decreased anxiety, and overall better mood - just plain happier. Low levels of norepinephrine have been shown to be associated with depression. A single session of cryo can double or even triple the amount of norepinephrine in the body; and what’s really cool, it’s been clinically shown that this doesn’t diminish over time. It’s going to happen every time you have a session of cryo.